✓ KAS Hashrate: 5TH/s (±10%)
✓ Wall Power: 3200W/h (±10%)
✓ Specifications: 5TH 3200W
✓ Dimension (with packaging): 490×300×400(mm)
✓ Dimension: 370×195×290(mm)
✓ Gross Weight: 17.1kg
✓ Net Weight: 14.4kg
✓ Connection: Ethernet
✓ Voltage Input: 170-300V AC
✓ Operating Temperature: 0~35 ℃
✓ Warranty: 1 year manufacturer replacement, repair or parts

$ 22,736.97



Hashrate5Th/s ±10% @25℃
Power efficiency on wall0.0015j/Th  @25℃
Power on wall3200W ±10% @25℃
Working temperature5-40℃
Miner Size (L*W*H, with package),mm370 * 195 * 290mm
Gross Weight17100g
Network interfaceRJ45 Ethernet 10/100M
Operation humidity(non-condensing),RH5%~95%
Note1.Including PSU size
2.Including PSU weight



Introducing the IceRiver KS3L, a powerful mining machine designed to deliver

ICERIVER KAS KS3Lexceptional performance and efficiency. With a computing power of 5TH/s (±10%), the device can handle a large number of transactions and easily solve complex algorithms, thereby increasing mining revenue. Its efficient design allows it to achieve this level of performance while consuming only 3200W/h (±10%) of wall power, ensuring cost-effectiveness for the miner. The IceRiver KAS KS3L is compact in size with dimensions of 370×195×290 (mm) and weighs only 14.4 kg, making it very portable and can be seamlessly integrated into any mining equipment. The packaging size of 490×300×400(mm) ensures safe transportation and protects the equipment from potential damage during transportation.



IceRiver  KS3L is equipped with Ethernet connectivity, which simplifies the integration process of mining networks. This enables efficient communication and synchronization with other mining rigs, ensuring optimal mining performance and results. In addition, the device operates from an input voltage range of 170-300V AC, providing flexibility and compatibility with various power supply conditions. IceRiver KAS KS3L has an operating temperature range of 0 to 35°C and can work reliably under different environmental conditions. This temperature versatility ensures consistent performance in environments with fluctuating temperatures, making it suitable for a wide variety of mining operations. In summary, IceRiver KAS KS3L offers powerful computing power, power efficiency, compact size, and easy integration into mining networks. The flexibility of its power supply and adaptability to different environmental conditions make it a practical choice for both small and large cryptocurrency mining operations.