IceRiver KS2 2TH/s 1200W (KAS)

✓ KAS Hashrate: 2TH/s (±10%)

✓ Wall Power: 1200W/h (±10%)

✓ Specifications: 2TH, 1200W

✓ Dimension (with packaging): 490×300×400(mm)

✓ Dimension: 370×195×290(mm)

✓ Gross Weight: 14.9kg

✓ Net Weight: 12.5kg

✓ Connection: Ethernet

✓ Voltage Input: 170-300V AC

✓ Operating Temperature: 0~35 ℃

$ 8,916.80

Pay a deposit of 40% per item


KAS Hashrate2TH/S(±10%)
Wall Power1200W/h(±10%)
Specifications2TH 1200W
Dimension(with packaging)490×300×400(mm)
Gross Weight14.9kg
Net Weight12.5kg
Voltage Input170-300V AC
Operating Temp0~35 ℃


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    KAS Hashrate and Power Efficiency

    The KAS Hashrate boasts an impressive processing power of 2TH/s (±10%), making it a reliable choice for cryptocurrency mining. With this high hashrate, the device can efficiently process complex mathematical computations required for mining various cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it operates at a power consumption of 1200W/h (±10%), demonstrating a reasonable power efficiency ratio. This combination of high hashrate and power efficiency makes the KAS Hashrate a desirable option for cryptocurrency miners seeking optimal performance and cost-effectiveness.

  • Title: Compact Design and Convenient Connectivity

    The KAS Hashrate is designed with convenience in mind, offering a compact and space-efficient form factor. With dimensions of 370×195×290(mm), the device can fit seamlessly into various mining setups, maximizing the utilization of available space. Furthermore, it comes with packaging dimensions of 490×300×400(mm), ensuring safe transportation and storage. The device also features an ethernet connection, enabling easy and reliable connectivity to mining networks. Whether you’re setting up a new mining rig or expanding an existing one, the KAS Hashrate’s compact design and convenient ethernet connection make it a practical choice.